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A wide range of services offered for individuals, businesses and organisations:

General Repairs and Maintenance

Repairs, upgrades, new equipment, hardware or software issues - any computer problems - give me a call.

Computers can build up a great deal of unnecessary junk which can often cause them to slow down, behave irrationally or even crash. A spring clean is a great way of improving performance and freeing up wasted resources.

A service pack tailored to your computer and a simple tutorial will mean that you can keep your computer secure and keep it running efficiently in the future.

If you're already having computer problems then fear not as most of them can be resolved without too much expense. Give me a call if you wish to discuss any issues you may have.

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Security and Problem Prevention

How would you fare if you lost everything on your computer today? It happens - but only to everyone else of course! Until the day it happens to you.

In today's Internet-dominated computer world it is vital that your computer is protected against the ever-increasing number of threats out there and that you know that you have secure copies of your important data should the worst happen.

Standard anti-virus programmes are not always enough to deal with many threats and having back-up copies of your important data won't be very comforting if they should get stolen or damaged in the same incident that loses you your computer.

It's far easier, less expensive and certainly less worrying to take precautionary action beforehand. There are plenty of free programs and lots of tips and tricks that can be called upon to secure your computer.

Remember - hope for the best - but plan for the worst!

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Data Recovery

So all the good advice came too late! Well don't despair. The last thing you need right now if you've lost all your important files or cherished photos is a lecture on the importance of back-ups!

All may not be lost though - deleted and corrupted data from crashed or damaged drives and many other storage media such as camera cards, pen drives, etc can often be recovered. Don't be put off by the fees that many data recovery firms charge either - mine are considerably less.

It is a specialist task though and if you're not careful, attempts to recover data incorrectly can make some data irrecoverable by overwriting areas where data may be stored. Call me first for advice if nothing else.

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New computer? New software? Wireless networking? New software or hardware installations can be quite daunting and time-consuming.

With new computers you'll want to ensure that all your old files, essential data, email messages and account settings as well as all your preference settings are transferred from your old computer.

You may be looking at wireless networking - not always simple and often installed insecurely - leaving your network and computer open to potential abuse. You may also want to take advantage of being able to share peripherals like printers and external hard drives.

You may even be interested in setting up a WiFi point, especially if you are in business and it could be used as an attraction for your customers. You can even make a little money out of your wireless networking set up. There is now a secure, shared WiFi system that can run through your existing internet connection so it needn't be expensive nor involve much cabling or extra equipment.

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Preserve those cherised memories. How many wedding, holiday or family videos do you have gathering dust somewhere? Or even old cine films? Do you even still have a machine or projector to play them on?

Over time, the tape in video tapes oxidises and suffers dropout. Chemicals in cine films cause deterioration of the colours over time. Nothing, not even CDs and DVDs lasts forever, but at least if you have a digital copy, you can arrange for additional copies to be made cheaply and easily.

I offer a specialist video or cine to DVD transfer service for a whole range of formats, starting at very reasonable rates - VHS, VHS-C, Video 8, Hi8, Mini DV, standard 8, super 8 and others. Output formats can include digital files which can be stored and played on a computer and most of the modern day DVD players or conventional DVD format capable of being played on most computers and all DVD players. Additional copies requested at the same time as the original transfer are very affordable too and make great gifts for friends and family.

I also offer a photo digitizing service which enables prints, slides and/or negatives to be resaved on CD or DVD as digital images.

Why not consider getting digital copies done now - before it's too late? Contact me for a quote

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Web Design

If you're in business and you don't have a website, you're losing out . The World Wide Web is most people's first port of call when they're looking for something these days and if you're not there, they won't find you - but they may find your competitors.

Apart from its popularity and its massive worldwide audience and marketing potential, the Web is a wonderful medium for presenting your wares and probably the most cost-effective. It's instant, it's always there and always available. It can be updated easily. It allows you to put over your product or service in words and colourful images and means that your customers can contact you easily.

There's more to a successful website than just its design though. It needs to be hosted, optimised and submitted to the search engines for inclusion in their searches. This is all offered as part of the service.

See the Portfolio page for examples of some of my web design work for other customers.

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Software Design - Database / Spreadsheet Design & Programming

Need software to cope with tasks specific to your business? The chances are it may be more accessible than you think. Custom written, business-tailored databases, spreadsheets or other applications can be set up to make the running of your business, club or organisation easier, more efficient and more controllable as well as being able to provide you with a range of statistical information.

Customer databases provide easy mailing options and analytical information can help take the guesswork out of advertising and marketing decisions.

Free up your time to concentrate on optimising your business rather than documenting it, but don't put up with having to make your business work around the software - make the software work for your business.

See the Portfolio page for examples of some of my database work for various customers.

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Teaching / Tuition / Training

The slowest component in the computer system is its operator. The reason for this is often down to the way we carry out tasks on the computer and the way we have our computers set up for these tasks.

Having used computers for over 30 years and taught for over 15 years, I am well -equipped to get the best out of your computer for you.

I can offer private or group training sessions on specific software or topic areas and also teach several IT subjects for local institutions including Aberystwyth University, Coleg Ceredigion, Coleg Meirion-Dwyfor and Ysgol Uwchradd Tywyn. Click here for details of current and forthcoming courses.

I also offer private tuition in ICT at GCSE, AS and A Level. I have marked exam papers for Edexcel and WJEC for several years and can offer a tailored service to suit any requirements.

Don't be a slave to your computer - get your computer working for you - securely and efficiently.

Give me a call - let's see what I can do for you.

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